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Kuba Jakub 

M 07740 954 674


Level 3 Personal Trainer & Nutritional Advisor.

Area of Expertise:

Body transformations (Muscle growth, Fat loss) including; Bikini Fitness and Bodybuilding, Full Stage Preparations.

Personal Motto/ Fitness Belief: 

Learn to train safely and effectively.

Clients Achieve:

I always make sure that the training I provide is effective and as enjoyable as possible.  I do this by ensuring that all my work is tailored to the individual.

Best Fitness advice:

Everyone starts somewhere, so never compare yourself with others.  It’s important to remember to do things in small steps and to be patient. Every single productive day is working towards your goals. 

How you do you stay in shape:

Years of learning and training have enabled me to find a plan that works perfectly, and I find a balance of resistance training and a realistic diet enable me to keep in shape all year round.

Best Fitness advice:

I believe that understanding how to eat healthy without the use of extreme diets is key for long term success!   

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1 hour sessions

  • Individual session £30
  • 10 x 1 hour sessions £250 (£25 a session).
  • 3 x 1 hours sessions £85 (£28 per session).