fbpx Casual Gym Use at BST Basingstoke Sports Centre

Casual Use (Pay-as-you-go)

Customers who wish to use the gym on a regular (yet infrequent) basis can pay a session at a time by taking out a Casual Card at Basingstoke Sports Centre.

There is a one-off fee of £16 which includes an induction and completion of a physical activity readiness questionnaire (PAR-Q). The induction will be made bespoke to you; an experienced gym user will have a shorter induction - whilst someone new to using a gym will receive all the information they need to exercise safely and start their health and wellbeing journey.

  • After you have been inducted then you need only bring your card with you and pay for each visit.
  • The day pass, to have use full use of Basingstoke Sports Centre facilities, is only £12.

To obtain a casual user card please visit Reception or give them a call on 01256 326331 to book your induction.

Day Pass User

Customers who are visiting the area or working in the area for a short period of time may wish to take advantage of our day passes. These passes enable you to use the gym and attend a class (subject to booking / availability) as well as have a swim and use the health spa (over 18s only). Day passes cost £12 and can be used at any time subject to the usual swimming and studio class timetables. Day passes can be obtained from Reception.

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