fbpx Safeguarding | Basingstoke Sports Centre

Basingstoke Sports Trust is committed to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children, young people and vulnerable adults that take part in sport and leisure activities.

Basingstoke Sports Trust has a Safeguarding Standard which outlines its commitment to ensure that all children, young people and vulnerable adults have equal rights to protection from harm, a right to enjoy sport and leisure activities, free from all forms of abuse and exploitation, encouragement to fulfil their potential. Discrimination, bullying or harassment will not be tolerated and inequalities will be challenged.

Basingstoke Sports Centre has robust recruitment procedures and an induction programme for new staff which includes safeguarding and probationary periods.  Basingstoke Sports Trust has a clear process for reporting of safeguarding concerns and a clear process for dealing with allegations of abuse against members of staff. Key members of the team have a specific safeguarding role within the organisation. All staff are made aware of good practice to ensure a safe and healthy environment amongst parents, guardians and participants.

Basingstoke Sports Trust is a member of the nationally recognised Leisurewatch scheme. The Leisurewatch scheme trains and equips our staff with tools to assess, manage and confront risky sexual behaviours. Key members of the team can make use of Leisurewatch’s detailed referral process, in the event of risky sexual behaviour taking place, which has a direct link to our local public protection unit.

It is important to remember that all Basingstoke Sports Centre employees who either work directly or come in to contact with children, young people or vulnerable adults has a part to play in helping keep them safe and to promote their welfare.

If you have any welfare or safeguarding concerns at any time during your visit to one of our sites please speak to a member of staff immediately who will liaise with our Designated Safeguarding Team to deal with your concern.