fbpx Shape & Dry Change Refurb | Basingstoke Sports Centre

Basingstoke Sports Centre’s Ladies Gym and changing facilities are to undergo an incredible transformation this November. 

We’ve been working with Pulse – one of the leading providers of fitness equipment – to completely refit the entire gym with kit similar to the equipment in Evolve. 

We've also been granted Local Infrastructure Funding to allow our Ladies Changing room to undergo a full refurbishment.

Dry Change: Closed 5th November for Approx. 6 Weeks
Ladies Gym: Closed 19th November until 1st December

During the period that changing rooms are being refurbished, all Shape members will receive a free upgrade so that they can use Evolve Mixed Gym, and the Health Spa on level -3.
Please use female changing rooms or the changing village on level -3 whilst dry change works take place.