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Sue's Walk My Way - For Breast Cancer Care


My name is Kevin Nuttall and I coordinate the Health and Wellbeing programmes that we run at the Sports Centre. I am supporting my wife who went through a very difficult period of life during 2018 having been diagnosed with breast cancer which resulted in surgery followed by intensive radiotherapy. Whilst these treatments went very well and all of the early signs are positive the real problems began as soon as the medical treatments finished. At this stage, the psychological effects of what had happened really started to kick in and this is where the support was most needed.

Sue connected with the local Breast Cancer Care (BCC) support group and they have been absolutely fantastic, they offer a wide range of support for ladies who have been diagnosed and treated for breast cancer, ranging from simply being on the end of the phone for a chat to organised group events with supportive speakers. They are also able to signpost ladies to other support groups like specialist wig makers and beauty treatments that can help ladies to still do what they do with hair and make-up, even after treatments like radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Myself and Sue really cannot speak highly enough and give justice to the work that BCC do to help ladies through this very difficult and emotional time, they are simply a fantastic charity and deserve all the help and support that anyone can give to keep them running long into the future. To this end Sue has organised a 10 mile walk in June with a group of friend and family, which includes 3 friends who are away in Spain and 1 friend who lives in Florida, all 4 of them have planned their 10 mile walk and will be starting at the same time as Sue and her group. The aim of this walk is to raise valuable funds for BCC and Sue has set up a “just giving” page where anyone can donate any amount, large or small towards a very realistic target of £250. Any support that you are able to offer would be gratefully received and please feel free to forward this on to your own friends and family if you are happy to do so.


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