fbpx Rob Logan - MyZone Success story | Basingstoke Sports Centre

I’ve been using MyZone since October and it has moved my fitness routine to the next level 

When I’m in the functional training area, I generally tend to follow my heavy bag Boxing fitness programme, or a Boxing High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT) programme. With MyZone I can see my tile on the screen, showing details of my training session.

The easy-to-see tile colours identify the percentage of how hard you're working throughout the session, so I can see the calories I've burned, my current heart rate, and how hard I’m working. Training with the MyZone belt shows me how hard I'm working using any one of my boxing fitness/martial arts programmes. This is really important to me as I’m always trying to improve my performance and general health and wellbeing. You are also rewarded with MyZone Effort Points depending upon how hard you work. 

Using the simple and easy-to-use MyZone app and website is really good for tracking and reviewing each of my sessions. MyZone also allows me to review and compare all my workouts on a graph , allowing me to analyse how well I performed. You can even add photos at each stage of the workout and make notes to reflect how each work session went!  MyZone for me is just fantastic.


To find out more about MyZone - visit mybst.org/myzone or speak to member of the Gym Team.