fbpx Shape Ladies Gym | Refurbished for 2019 | Full Pulse® Tech Upgrade


NOW OPEN! | Experience the best in Ladies-Only Fitness

Experience Shape Ladies Gym, Evolve Mixed Gym and 600+ Virtual Classes for £29.95/pm


A brand new 55-station Ladies Gym has landed at Basingstoke Sports Centre! A full refurbishment of Shape Ladies Gym and the female dry-change has taken place, boosting the female-only environment into the modern era of health and fitness. 

In August 2018, we had a mass-consultation with existing members about what changes would make the gym an even better experience for them. We had hundreds of responses and have used them to craft the next generation of Shape Ladies Fitness into an environment everyone can be proud to call their gym.

Feel welcome, feel supported, feel incredible.


Membership Benefits: 

  • Free Access to 'Evolve' - our 180+ Station Mixed Gym (find out more here)
  • 600+ Virtual Classes in our Hi-Tech Virtual Studio (including virtual Pedal & Spin Classes)
  • Free Personal Programmes
  • Free Ongoing Personal Reviews
  • Free 'Fast Classes' - Instructor Led Mini-Classes in the Gym.
  • Fully qualified instructors, always on hand, whenever you need them.
  • 10-day Money Back Guarantee


PLUS: Get the same price for life!
No increase in your membership fees, guaranteed*

Shape provides a welcoming and relaxing environment in which to work towards your goals, whether that's improving your fitness, toning up or losing those unwanted pounds.

Our highly qualified and friendly staff are here to help you achieve your goals - and all for an incredible price of just £29.95 per month.


Looking for the Mixed Gym? Please click here for more information.