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Increase your stamina, improve your strokes and learn to swim!

NEW Over 55's Swimming Lessons - Price: £37.00 per month Direct debit

Learn to swim in a fun and safe environment. These classes are ideal for adults who have little or no swimming ability and are ideal for nervious learners.

Tuesday Mornings

Beginners 10.00 - 10.25

Improvers 10.30 - 10.55

For more information or to book a place, please contact Swim School on 01256 302204 or email [email protected]

Classes are offered for beginners and improvers in the teaching pool and for more advanced swimmers in the main pool. Lessons run on Monday evenings.


Lessons run continuously for 48 weeks per year, so you can join in the classes at any time during the year. Membership costs £37.00 per month and payment is made by direct debit for 12 months.
- 1 class per week for 48 weeks of the year.
- Membership card for fast access to swipe at the reception turnstile (please remember to bring your Card to every lesson).
- Free swimming in appropriate public sessions (on the production of Membership Card). Please see our timetable at mybst.org/basingstoke for further details.

Beginners (teaching pool)

These classes are ideal for adults who have little or no swimming ability, for nervous learners and those who wish to build their water confidence.

Improvers (teaching pool/main pool)

These are suitable for participants who can already swim a couple of metres on their front and back and are happy to put their faces in the water. 

Shallow end classes (main pool)

These are suitable for participants who can swim basic front crawl with their face in the water and backstroke using arm pulls and kicks. 

Deep end classes (main pool/length of the main pool)

Participants must be confident to go out of their depth and swim front crawl and backstroke proficiently. Stroke techniques for all 4 aquatic strokes will be taught, along with treading water and other aquatic skills. Classes are taught over the length of the pool. 

Fitness Training

Adult fitness training is a weekly session supervised by a coach and suitable for adults who can swim at least 500m (20 lengths). The one-hour session is designed to improve fitness, speed and stamina. This is not a swimming lesson.

  • Free for members
  • Mondays: 20.30 - 21.30

Adult Swim School

Classes suit all stages of learning ability; from complete beginner, through to stroke development and advanced techniques.

  • 30-minute sessions
  • 48 weekly lessons (per year)
  • £37/month (direct debit)

Swim School Dates - Breaks in lessons will be the following dates (inclusive)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Monday 21st December - Sunday 2nd January 2022                                                                

For more information contact: 01256 302204 email: [email protected]


Private Swimming Lessons

Private Swimming lessons are available for swimmers, any ability and any age. For more information and availability, please contact the Swim School on: 01256 302204 or email: [email protected]

How to join the Swim School

For class availability and enquiries call 01256 302204 or enquire at Reception. An advance payment for one month is required at the time of booking. The Direct Debit form must be completed at Reception before classes commence. You will need your bank account number, bank address and sort-code.



Ratios are:  Main Pool - 1 adult to 2 children

               Teaching Pool - 1 adult to 3 children

  • The under 8's supervision ratio MUST not be exceeded.
  • All children under the age of eight years MUST be accompanied in the water and changing rooms during public swimming sessions by a responsible person (16+ years)
  • The adult MUST remain within reaching a distance of the child or children at all times. This is regardless of the swimming ability of the child.
  • Weak and non- swimmers MUST wear approved flotation devices, such as armbands, which can be purchased from the pool vending machines on level 1