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We've taught over 20,000 babies, children and adults to swim... and counting.

Welcome to BstSwimSchool, the largest and most established swim school in Basingstoke. Over the last 50 years of operation, we've taught over 20,000 people to swim, of all ages and abilities. Bstswimschool is a learn-to-swim programme, developed in conjunction with Swim England (at Basingstoke) and STA (at Newbury).

All of our teachers are fully qualified Swimming Instructors, who carefully plan lessons to match you or your child's ability. The Swim School operates in Basingstoke and Newbury, at Basingstoke Sports Centre, Festival Place
and bstFitness, Park Way. The swim school is split into the following programmes:

Little Fishes Swim School (Parent & Baby)

The Little Fishes Swim School is designed to meet the needs of toddlers and babies under 3 years old. All classes take place in the teaching pool, Basingstoke’s only purpose-built facility. The pool is heated to 30 degrees celsius and is 60cm - 90cm deep; an ideal setting for your children to enjoy their introduction to the water. Parent and baby classes are a fun, shared experience, and provide a great opportunity for parents and carers to meet others.

Little Fishes Membership 
All pupils get a swim school membership card (to swipe at reception for fast access). Membership includes 48 lessons per year.

Flexible Class Enrolement
New pupils are able to join lessons during any term; places will be allocated based on vacancies at the time. When children reach the next age group, they will be transferred to the appropriate class without having to re-enrol.

Moving up to Dolphin Swim School
When a child reaches 3 years old and is ready to go into the water without a parent or guardian, they can progress to the Dolphin Swim School. 

Class Ages      4 - 12 months     12 - 24 months      24 - 36 months

Parent & Baby lessons are the perfect way to introduce your little one to the water and build their confidence.

  • 20-minute sessions
  • 48 weekly lessons (per year)
  • £21.50/month (direct debit)

Dolphin Swim School

Lessons operate for 48 weeks of the year (25 minutes per week). Pupils may join at any time. On the recommendation of their teacher, pupils will move up to the next level without having to wait until the end of term.

- 1 class per week for 48 weeks of the year.
- Membership Card for fast access to swipe at the reception turnstyle (please remember to bring your Card to every lesson).
- FREE swimming in public sessions (on production of Membership Card). Please see our timetable at mybst.org/basingstoke for further details.

Pre-School Classes
For pupils who are 3 and 4 years of age and will go into the pool alone with a teacher.

Beginners - a non-swimmers class with floatation aids.

Improvers - for children who can swim on their front and back for a minimum of 5 metres using floatation aids, are confident putting their face in the water and can jump into the water on their own.

Dolphin Stages and Descriptions

RED STAGE - Develops basic water awareness and movement skills.

ORANGE STAGE - Introduces basic floating, travel and rotation, and builds on the water confidence skills from red stage.

YELLOW STAGE - Develops travelling up to 10m metres on front and back and water safety knowledge.

GREEN STAGE - Develops buoyancy skills and kicking techniques for all strokes.

AQUA STAGE - Develops water skills including sculling, treading water and rotations; in addition performing all strokes to given standard.

BLUE STAGE - Develops effective swimming skills, including co-ordinated breathing and water safety.

PURPLE STAGE - Develops quality stroke technique up to 100 metres, combining a variety of skills to develop a linked routine.

SWIM DEVELOPMENT SQUAD - For pupils who have completed Level 7 Purple and wish to continue their aquatic speed and skills.
These sessions run for 45 minutes

Help your child develop their swimming skills and boost their confidence within the aquatic environment. Classes are graded for different levels of ability.

  • 25-minute sessions
  • 48 weekly lessons (per year)
  • £26.50/month (direct debit) Dolphin Lessons
  • £39.00/month (direct debit) for the 45 minute Squad sessions


Swim School Dates 2022 - Breaks in lessons will be the following dates (inclusive)                                                                                                                                                     

Tuesday 21st December 2021 - Sunday 2nd January 2022 

Lessons start back on Tuesday 4th January 2022
Breaks in lessons will be the following dates (inclusive):

Friday 15th April - Thursday 21st April 2022
Saturday 27th August - Wednesday 31st August 2022 
Tuesday 20th December - Monday 2nd January 2023

Closed Bank Holidays:
Monday 2nd May - Early May Bank Holiday
Thursday 2nd June - Spring Bank Holiday
Friday 3rd June - Platinum Jubilee holiday
First Day Back - Tuesday 3rd January 2023


For more information contact: 01256 302204 email: [email protected]


Holiday Crash Courses

Extra Crash Courses are offered during the school holidays. Crash Courses are an ideal way to see rapid improvement. All Swim School members
receive a *10% discount on holiday courses. The course consists of consecutive lessons over five days (four days if there is a Bank Holiday). We also include Snorkelling classes, Stroke Technique Workshops and a variety of other fun swimming activities.  



Ratios are:  Main Pool - 1 adult to 2 children
Teaching Pool - 1 adult to 3 children

  • The under 8's supervision ratio MUST not be exceeded.
  • All children under the age of eight years MUST be accompanied in the water and changing rooms during  public swimming sessions by a responsible person (16+ years)
  • The adult MUST remain within reaching distance of the child or children at all times. This is regardless of the swimming ability of the child.
  • Weak and non- swimmers MUST wear approved flotation devices, such as armbands, which can be purchased from the pool vending machines on
    level 1.

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