fbpx BST Basingstoke Adult Swimming Lessons

Increase your stamina, improve your strokes and learn to swim!

Lessons run for 45 weeks of the year, operated on a membership basis paid by direct debit for 11 months and these are designed to meet the needs of adults who want a learn to swim, improve strokes and increase stamina and speed.

Beginners (teaching pool)

These classes are ideal for adults who have little or no swimming ability and are ideal for nervous learners.  Classes are held on Monday evenings.

Improvers (teaching pool / main pool)

Classes are suited to participants who can already swim a couple of metres on front and back.  Classes are held in both pools on Monday evenings.

Shallow end classes (main pool)

These are suitable for participants who can swim basic front crawl with their face in the water and backstroke using arms and legs.  Classes are held on Mondays.

Deep end classes (main pool / length of main pool)

Participants must be confident to go out of their depth and swim front crawl and backstroke.  Tumble turns and shallow dives will be taught.  Classes are taught over the width of the pool or for more advanced pupils over the length of the pool.  Classes are held on Monday evenings.

Fitness Training

Adult fitness training is a weekly session supervised by a coach and suitable for adults who can swim at least 500m (20 lengths).  The one hour session is designed to improve fitness, speed and stamina.  This is not a swimming lesson.

  • Free for members
  • Mondays: 20.30 - 21.30