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Get Swimming

get swimming

with a great swim school.

We offer swimming classes for all swimmers, any ablility and any age. From children's crash courses to private lessons; casual swimming and even RLSS National Pool Lifeguard Courses are available.

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Move It

move it

in a huge variety of studio classes.

Whatever your age or ability, we’ve got a class to suit you. From the relaxing vibes of Pilates to the intense workout of BODYATTACK®, we’re confident you’ll find a class you like.

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To set up your casual booking membership please do the following:

  1. Visit the Registration page here
  2. Click on the ‘Casual’ box, next to ‘Register for casual booking membership’
  3. Input the required personal details and click on ‘next step’
  4. You will see a confirmation page advising that an email will be sent to you.  This should arrive within minutes – please check your spam/junk folder if you don’t see it
  5. Go to the email (sender address: [email protected]), go to the link ‘click here’
  6. Create your password as instructed and click ‘confirm’
  7. This takes you to the Member Login screen.  Please input your email and password and click ‘submit’
  8. You are now on a welcome screen.  You can book an activity from here by selecting ‘Bookings’ then ‘Make a booking’ and choosing the required activity.  You can also view bookings you have made.

Please note that causal bookings are paid for at the time of booking and are non-refundable. You’ll be aware that you can save the Member login page in your browser (your device should be able to remember your login details).  Alternatively, you can select ‘Member Login’ on the Basingstoke home page www.mybst.org/basingstoke or you can download the ‘bst’ app and log into that.

Please also refer to our Customer Guide to Reopening which provides the information you need before booking, and what to expect when you arrive and use the Centre

corporate memberships at BSTFitness Newbury through gym contributions and fit funds
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