fbpx Equipment at BSTFitness Newbury

Our next generation of kit - making your workouts more efficient and more entertaining.

bstfitness uses the latest series of Pulse® equipment - specially designed to make the most of your workout.

Boring cardio... it's a thing of the past.

Have you ever had a dull cardio workout that seemed to drag on forever? The Series 3 cardio equipment allows you to immerse yourself in a world of entertainment. The high contrast 15" console has integrated self-powered Freeview television, iPod® connectivity and headphone socket that all contribute to the ultimate multimedia platform to keep you entertained, engaged and motivated during exercise. Controls are ergonomically positioned for correct posture during workout and features a 'quick control zone' so you can make speed and elevation adjustments without interrupting your workout.

Your most efficient workout ever

Designed to replicate the body's natural motion, the Evolve Strength machines effectively engage all muscles involved in the exercise.Ergonomic neoprene handles are designed for maximum control, comfort and efficiency during the exercise.

state of the art gym and exercise equipment used at BSTFitness gym in Newbury

Dedicated functional and strength room

With dumbbells up to 50kg, suspension training rig and various plate loaded kit, the Functional area is a great place for strength and conditioning training. New to strength training or would like some pointers? Our expert fitness instructors are always on hand to show you how to make the best use out of the equipment.

Take the scenic route

Our Trixster X-Dream bikes allow you to feel real gears, brakes, handlebars, pedal, cranks and seat sensors enabling each move you make to be accurately portrayed within the experience. Explore cities around the world or take part in a road race - it's all a great way to stay entertained and motivated during your workout

state of the art gym and exercise equipment used at BSTFitness gym in Newbury