Hit a training plateau? Do you have a new goal to achieve?

A personal trainer at bstfitness can provide creative, effective workouts - ensuring you hit your goals in the most efficient ways.

Personal trainers also provide consistent, non-judgemental fitness support. The below BST approved PTs hold the appropriate qualifications, and are the ONLY trainers allowed to work with you in our gyms. Contact one of our trainers today or speak to a member of the gym team for more information.

personal trainer/pt at BSTFitness gym in newburyJustyna

Hi my name is Justyna and I am a Personal Trainer at bstfitness. I incorporate fun, motivation and inspiration to your session.

I will help you to achieve your goals and to feel good. A free assessment before the start of any training session is given so that there is no guesswork involved when it comes to you and your goals. I will be there to keep you on track, motivated and focussed, so achieving the shape you want will be a real team effort.

Call me for more info: 07840 995016

personal trainer/pt at BSTFitness gym in newburyCodrina

If you are looking to lose weight, to tone your muscles or to completely change your body shape I am here to help.  

I am here to push you and to move you onto another level with regards to your fitness where you can start to feel more confident in your health and life.

If are you looking for a friendly partner in your daily routine, I am here to motivate you, to keep you focused on your workout and to help you to achieve your goals. I will use my experience and knowledge in our sessions and I will do my very best to provide you with a comfortable, fun and suitable workout.

If you would like more details please contact me on 07793489839 or ask reception for information.


personal trainer/pt at BSTFitness gym in newburyLucy

Having grown up from a young age competing as a figure skater for Great Britain, Lucy has also got a background in a variety of other sports such as; running, gymnastics, and swimming. Lucy has always had a passion for sport, health, and fitness which has led her to become a personal trainer. 

If you would like more details please contact me on 07900 992278  or ask reception for information.




“Hi my name is Zak and I’m a personal trainer who is passionate about helping people achieve their goals. I specialise in strength training, fat loss and body transformation – achieved by enjoyable and motivational workouts. Being an experienced kickboxer, I am able to incorporate this into my sessions when necessary. I will always provide the best support and encouragement to achieve your goals. I’d love to 
work with you!”

If you would like more details please contact me on 07828644282 or ask reception for information.