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We wrote to you a little while ago about the virtual exercise at home platform we were going to make available to all members who left their direct debit in play.  We’re delighted to say that we’re almost there and will be writing to you again at the end of this week to provide details of how to access the platform.

You’ll be provided with unlimited access to the following:

500+ Classes

16 Workout Plans

3 Fitness Tests

Nutritional Channel

Kid’s Channel

Easy and intuitive to use plus easy-to-follow-user guides and video tutorials

Plus much more…

Whilst the app will be made available to you, please remember that your whole household can benefit from it including children, parents and grandparents!  Why not plan in a regular time to have fun and exercise together.

We want to make access to the platform really easy so we’re working on adding a tile to the free ‘BST’ app.  Then once you’re set up, hit the tile and you’re good to go.

Until you hear from us again, we’ve put together some stuff you can use right now.  We’ve worked with our partner, Big Wave Media, to provide some free home exercise content that you can access here:


We’ll be back in touch later this week to confirm your access to the virtual platform and provide your login details.  Remember, all those that leave their direct debit in play will continue to have free access to the virtual platform for up to 6 months from the date we re-open.

Until then, a massive thanks from the charity for your ongoing support.  Our best wishes to you and your loved ones – stay safe, stay active.

From All at BST.