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Adult Swimming lessons at bstFitness Newbury

Want to learn to swim or wanting to jump back in? bstSwimschool provides both beginner and Intermediate classes.


Never had the opportunity or confidence to learn to swim? The bstSwimSchool beginners class is for you. This class is for those with little or no experience of swimming. Our experienced teachers will help you to eliminate your fear, gain confidence and teach you the proper techniques in order for you to become a competent swimmer.  Take the plunge and learn to swim with bstSwimSchool!


If you can already swim half a length but would like to go further and improve your technique, then the improver class is for you. Our qualified and experienced swimming teachers will help you develop your abilities, and improve your breathing technique while working on new strokes. Once completed, you will be equipped to tackle greater distances.


6-week adult crash course dates coming soon...